My New Year’s resolution this year was to make myself more learned about business and technology. My means of doing this was to start reading as many articles as I could on reputable sites devoted to these subjects, and then make commentary on them. A friend of mine suggested I make a blog about it, and it seemed like a good idea. It will keep my disciplined. Maybe people will enjoy watching my progression over time, too.

Since I’m reading a significant number of articles a day, I cannot make long comments on them, and these comments are not meant to be comprehensive or polished. Rather, these are first impressions and basic ideas.

Most importantly, this is meant to be a personal learning experience. I want to learn more about the subjects I’m reading about, and if you have something you think you can teach me, I’ll be more than happy to listen. Just don’t get too huffy if my opinions do not agree with yours.

Thank you.


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